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About the Chakra System

This Free Chakra Test is an online tool to test and balance your Chakra system. The chakras are energy sources that are located along the spine. Each chakra represents an aspect of our consciousness, they can affect our temperament, perspective and they are the etheric counterpart of a major nervous or glandular center.

Free Chakra System Test

Chakra System

The word chakra comes from Sanskrit (Indo-European language that is preserved in sacred texts and cults of Brahmanism written between the fifteenth and tenth centuries BC. in India) and it means circle or disc.

These circles are energy vortexes which help the vital energy flow through our body. Each of the chakras corresponds to different aspects of our being and influence physical, mental and emotional aspects alike. In Hindu traditions it is believed that the inhaled air, called prana energy, travels through the body, giving strength to these energy centers. The function of the chakras is to receive, collect and distribute the prana or vital energy, for the proper functioning of our body.

There are 7 main chakras. Each chakra has a color and a link to our thoughts, to what we feel and even what we eat. Most therapists state that a good indication that our chakras are open is that we feel in tune with the universe and in our experiences with the environment and with others. When we have a blocked or unbalanced chakra we experience a sense of energy blockage in the body, the energy fails to adequately reach the organs related to the affected chakra.

When we feel joyful and lively, our chakras open to receive the energy of joy and love. When we experience pain, anger, and low emotions, we tend to close our chakras as a form of protection, especially when we are in a stressful or chaotic environment. This can deteriorate our health and body making us feel sick.

When we are in communion with ourselves our chakras shine and radiate a magnificent light or energy that allows us to connect and be in sync with life. We experience a sense of wellbeing, balance, stimulation and connection with All.

About this Free Chakra Test Online

This free online chakra test is designed to find out which of your chakras are unbalanced, so you can be aware that every problem has an origin and a solution. Being aware that we have an unbalanced chakra can help us put things into perspective, that way we can focus on the root cause of our problem, and slowly try to find what is leading to this energy imbalance.

Once we know where our problem is located, we can use the right approach through therapy, color, music, meditation or aromas to heal the chakra that is damaged, so you can align it with the rest of your chakra system.

Balancing and Healing your Chakras

Free Chakra Test

Free Chakra Test

The free Chakra Balance Test will help you learn and assess the current state of your energy centers. But even after taking the Chakra Test you should keep working on healing your chakras on a regular basis. Here is a chakra healing routine you can do every day:

  1. To align each chakra, repeat each of the mantras several times a day. Each chakra has a mantra, its unique sound. You can find them here on the free Chakra Online Test or in the articles on this website.
  2. Feed yourself with foods corresponding to your unbalanced chakra.
  3. Use essential oils that correspond to that chakra, or use Rose essential oil to balance all your chakra system.
  4. Do yoga exercises for the affected chakra.
  5. Practice color meditation, based on the color of the affected chakra, breathe in the color, then breathe it out, breathe in and out.
  6. Connecting with nature will help you heal your chakra system.

Techniques for developing and maintaining chakras balanced are innumerable. You can find lots of good information on these issues browsing through this website.

But to begin you can either perform the free chakra test tool above or just answer the following chakra test questions to find out the general state of your chakra system. After this initial information, you will find ways to correct and balance them according to what seems most suitable for you.

If your answer to a question is “yes”, probably the chakra is open. If you can’t find an answer or feel insecure about the question, you should consciously focus on the development of that area of your life in order to achieve a better balance of your chakras.

Free Chakra Test Questionnaire

Chakra Healing Test

Chakra Healing Test

Root Chakra Test

Do I feel physically vibrant, healthy and powerful in the world? Do I feel like home where I am? Do I feel like I belong here? Do I have a strong desire to live? Do I love my body and appreciate it as a wonderful treasure? Am I a person of high energy, moving boldly through life?

Sacral Chakra Test

Do I have a strong and healthy sex drive? Do I feel confident and sexually fulfilled? Can I express myself sexually, and give and receive pleasure?

Navel Chakra Test

Do I know what I want? Do I have confidence in being able to get what I want? Can I make decisions and act on them? Am I aware of my emotions and can I control them? Am I able to think and solve through my feelings? Am  I emotionally satisfied?

Heart Chakra Test

Do I love myself, my friends and family, and do I have a strong sense of compassion for all living beings? Can I accept others as they are, without change? Do I expect the best from people, and do I try to find the best of them? Am I good in cooperation? Can I receive and give the energy of the universe?

Throat Chakra Test

Can I express myself with skill and ease? Do I do everything I have to do to be healthy, happy and successful?Do I assume responsibility for my life instead of blaming others for my problems or expect others to take care of me? Do I try to do my best, and do I feel worthy of reward or compensation for my efforts? Do I have enough faith in myself to take risks, accept challenges, and create ways of realization?

Third Eye Chakra Test

Am I mentally strong and able to work things out? Do I have a lot of creative ideas, and the habit of taking the necessary steps to make them happen? Do answers or ideas come to me and do I mentally try to understand things? Am I able to visualize my goals and dreams? Can I set realistic and achievable goals? Do my experiences support and validate my beliefs about life?

Crown Chakra Test

Do I feel like a part of something great and wonderful? Do I feel connected to God / Spirit of the Universe, and feel that my life has a purpose? Am I able to see myself honestly, and discover the lessons from my experiences in order to develop wisdom?

Meaning of the Blocked Chakras

Free Chakra Test Online

Free Chakra Test

After answering all the questions in the chakra balance test. Find the Chakra for which you answered “No” to any of the questions.

First Chakra is blocked or unbalanced:
You might be devitalized, your will to live is very diminished.

Second Chakra is blocked or unbalanced:
You might have trouble receiving and giving love. No sexual potency.

Third Chakra is blocked or unbalanced:
You are having trouble to feel or you are blocking your feelings. You don’t feel love and acceptance for yourself. Feelings of personal rejection and lack of health.

Fourth Chakra is blocked or unbalanced:
You might have difficulty to love without receiving anything in return. Absence of purpose and meaning in your existence. You have a wrong idea that God and everyone is against your will.

Fifth Chakra is blocked or unbalanced:
You can not assume responsibility your life. Communication does not flow. You are professionally frustrated, not doing what you want.

Sixth Chakra is blocked or unbalanced:
There is confusion, blocked ideas. Ideas do not have access to the material plane. You become frustrated.

Seventh Chakra is blocked or unbalanced:
You have not connected your spiritual being to your physical being.